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My wishes for CentiLeo
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Sep 2, 2021 13:34
My wishes for CentiLeo:

1, AOV motion Vectors for vector motion blur in Nuke, like what we do in maya here:

2; Curvature shader
3: TurbulenceFD support(or openVDB) for cloud fire, smoke.
4: Spectral Hair Material
5: Volumetric light support
6: Random Walk SSS
7:Hosek-Wilkie Spectral Sky
8:native support Maxon Noise shader
9: caustics
10: exclude or include lights
11: native C4D gradient shader(node) support [not the basic gradient node], cuz it is really flexible for making complex shader

I am highly optimistic for CentiLeo, hope it's not too much pressure on you.LOL
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Sep 2, 2021 13:47
Oh, great list! Thank you very much. Actually, all of this is on a roadmap. Volumetric / caustic things will come later than the others. We want to support everything of course.
Btw, CentiLeo has support for own gradient node, it's called Ramp. It's available in node-based area and for menu-based shaders.
Har support will appear in a release after the next one.
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Sep 2, 2021 22:27
HI, Kirgman
Very happy to see my wish list is on the road. Speaking Ramp, I can't find it in Node editor within CentiLeo material, (instead I find it on its normal material editor) see the picture below. What I mention is that what if we can have a robust Ramp(gradient) node with various types or modes and settings to make lots of thing happen. like C4D gradient node can make lots of patterns (see picture 2), which is really useful for making complex shader for photorealism or artistic expression, the current ramp node is too simple to make it.
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Sep 3, 2021 05:10
Oh in node-based mode CentiLeo has differernt name for Ramp, it's Gradient actually. The Gradient node has no integrated patterns, but it has the Input Map which may accept other nodes as patterns. Also the knots of this node can accept other nodes too.
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