Engineering Stills

These images were originally rendered in 10K (9600x5400) for print. Now they are downscaled for web. The render times are 4-8min per frame in 10K using single RTX 3080. The out-of-core geometry traffic streaming was enabled for this massive CAD dataset.


1200x1600, one RTX 3080, 2048 samples (32 iterations by 64spp), 2:40min, CentiLeo 0.66

026.jpg 027.jpg

Interior (CentiLeo 0.65)

Here is the interior render: 32M triangles, 15GB textures, the lighting from outside of room, 2 x RTX3080 10GB VRAM.

Rendering Performance: 2560x1440 image, 32 render iterations (2048 samples), the Motobike render kernel: 24M samples/second, 5:20min for the first image and 5:50 for the second, and then it’s denoised to kill the small residual noise. The Bulldozer kernel renders 32 iterations in 8 min, the noise is lower, but under denoiser it’s killed same way.



CentiLeo 0.65: Multi-GPU Out-of-core Rendering

2 x RTX3080. There are 2 scene variants here: with 245M and 288M triangles.

The scene with 245M triangles is launched within around 12.5 seconds, and the scene with 288M triangles is launched in 15 seconds including ray acceleration builder and scene read from file. All renders have 4 iterations (256 samples per pixel) and 1600x900 resolution. All shots render within very few seconds.

012 - boeing777_4iters_test01.jpg 012 - boeing777_4iters_test02.jpg
012 - boeing777_4iters_test03.jpg 012 - boeing777_4iters_test04.jpg


006.jpg 005.jpg


003.jpg 007.jpg
004a.jpg 015a.jpg