CentiLeo for Cinema 4D

User Manual for CentiLeo GPU Renderer for Cinema 4D.

In this manual we publish the information about CentiLeo renderer, it's features and plugin tools that are integrated as a 3rd party renderer to Maxon's Cinema 4D.

The current manual is a work in progress.

Questions and topic suggestions related to this manual and roadmap are very welcome in our Support Forum.

CentiLeo plugin for Cinema 4D supports English and Chinese language GUI.

Chinese Translation


Huge thanks for Chinese translation efforts of CentiLeo GUI to our users Peirato (the first translation) and for very many fixes to 222君 (also known as 带喵哩 on our telegram chat).

Another huge thanks to 威猫设计 channel for very nice and skilled CentiLeo review in Chinese.

The Manual for Cinema 4D was massively updated August 23, 2023

Shaderball Example scene

CentiLeo for 3ds Max

User Manual for CentiLeo GPU Renderer for 3ds Max.

At the moment it's useful to look to Cinema 4D manual pages to get idea about the shaders because our 3ds Max and Cinema 4D plugins are very similar.

Currently the 3ds Max manual has difference that it describes the TyFlow integration and Material Converter.