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If I have a spherical field with color remapping on, how do I send this color data to a CentiLeo material?
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Feb 15, 2021 14:35
I have a spherical field with Color Remapping set. When I apply a CentiLeo material to it, it loses its color information. This makes sense, but I wonder how to pass this color information into the CentiLeo material?

In tutorials that are using Arnold there is a User Data RGB node and in C4D native it seems you add a texture of type MoGraph>ColorShader to color. I'm not seeing any nodes that look like candidates in CentiLeo.

Any suggestions?
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Feb 15, 2021 19:52
Hi again! Right, at the moment such custom values are not connectable to CentiLeo isolated material/shader system yet. I am working on this class of features right now. I am working on support of many attributes including many UVW, Vertex Colors, Vertex Maps per polygon vertices, also will export attributes from MoGraph to CentiLeo objects.
And will need to understand the workflow such as you want to build.
So do you generate some values with say Expresso and can direct them somewhere for some User Data RGB node and then CentiLeo should get a value to own material pipeline. Right? Should it be similar to Arnold?
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Feb 16, 2021 04:29
Ah, fair enough, that makes sense. I suppose it is kind of crazy how many edge cases there are in developing a renderer.

I am following a tutorial and they start talking about it at this timestamp:

It seems like C4D's Field system exposes the color-remap information through a custom field that is then accessed by the external renderer. I have done a fair amount of development in UE4 (and am a web dev for work) so node based workflows are not new to me, but VFX is pretty new.

Is the codebase for CentiLeo all in C++ and then you have a build script with many build targets that builds it for a) each version of C4D and b) 3DSMax? I've also done a bit of GPU programming in the context of machine learning, but again, using GPUs for rendering is new.
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Feb 16, 2021 18:08
Thanks for usefull link! I will think how to integrate this type of features!
CentiLeo codebase is C++/CUDA compiled into one dll (in library folder of our plugin). It's the same dll for all versions of Cinema and Max. Much easier with just one compilation of DLL and then exporting it from plugin dll compared to separate compilation into static .lib for each version of Cinema or Max.
GPU programming is very cool! I have fallen in love with CUDA since it's beginning in late 2006/beginning of 2007. And still so many things to learn and do!
I am one of fans of UE, however observer not a developer, but like very much whatever they are doing!
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