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How to uninstall CentiLeo?
I've been having some problems with my C4D. A solution that may help is to uninstall CentiLeo. However, when I remove the application, this error pops up whenever I start up C4D:
Several plugins used in this project are missing.
Saving may cause loss of plugin data!
Plugin 'CentiLeo' (ID 1036821)

Any thoughts on what I can do to fix this?
Edited: animationintern - Jun 30, 2022 17:26
I got this same error when I uninstalled a different 3rd party render engine but then installed a newer version.
Unfortunately for me it caused my C4D to fail to launch until I restored my windows to just before I made the changes.
Now I get the same error message.

If you wish to remove centileo and never use it again--and you cannot solve the issue through uninstalling--then you may have to remove all centileo icons and render settings and any references to centileo and then save your startup layout.

There is a plugin folder inside the C4D folder that contains centileo. So maybe delete that folder? (move to recycle bin first but don't delete permanently just in case).
You have to delete all the centileo tags in that project.
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Jul 4, 2022 06:58
Yes, to uninstall CentiLeo out of a project the CentiLeo ID tags should also be removed manually. Actually we create them and make invisible using CentiLeo to track for geometry changes in the interactive preview render mode (IPR).
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