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Any tutorial or documentation for how to use CentiLeo materials?
I need help
I am trying to get the feel of how this renderer works inside C4D, and I am having trouble texturing materials.
I cannot see how to make displacement work.
Is there a tutorial somewhere? I can only find a YouTube tutorial in Portuguese.
The node system is new to me, and I am trying to avoid using it. I just need help with mapping texture files to materials, such as displacement.
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Nov 1, 2021 07:58
Hi! The own manual is not yet ready. Still doing the release dedicated to render time optimizations.
As for displacement, then here is a recipe:
1) CentiLeo Node materials
2) CentiLeo Output Material, it has Displacement slot
3) Connect Displacement texture to to Displacement slot.
4) If you are working with CentiLeo IPR click "Tess" button every time you change displacement settings or change camera position.
5) In Picture Viewer no need to click "Tess" buttion - this is processed automatically each time before rendering a frame.
I added the displacement texture and it automatically connected the node for me. Even after clicking the Tess button my texture does not get any displacement at all.
I am just testing a gravel texture with a height map texture. It worked on another render but not centileo.

Ok, I tried a different gravel texture with a properly titled displacement texture and it does seem to work. This one even gets more displaced when I adjust the height scale property for the displacement material.
I think I can maybe figure out the rest. But a basic tutorial would be nice to have since many things for this renderer are quite different, although they are very customizable, which I like.
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Nov 1, 2021 22:49
Sure there will be a manual with nice examples and a material converter, this is a must have. We tried to make CentiLeo very easy to use, we will add a lot more features to cover everything. The remaining part of development is not so large.
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Nov 1, 2021 22:50
Show examples of your pictures where you think displacement is not so correct.
Strange, when I try that first texture again it now works. Maybe I didn't use the Tess button correctly like I thought.
And am I assuming correctly that if I wanted to use a normal map texture instead of the displacement I can just load the normal png into the input filename instead?
That seems to work and produce different results than the displacement png.
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Nov 2, 2021 00:07
Normal maps are needed for fake bump effect. If you need this then in a Bitmap node please check "Is normal map" flag.
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Nov 2, 2021 11:34
hao qiqi0, maybe let's talk English? :)
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Dec 13, 2021 02:49
hahahahahah~I also need the instruction manual ;)
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