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Transmission And Emission Maps
Can you please explain, how can i add a image mask to transmission and to emission channel?
When i add png image with alpha to emission or transmission slot of material, i have only black material of imported png without diffuse and reflection effects.
Do i need alpha channel for emission map or i can use black and white image?
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Oct 11, 2021 23:46
Hi! It would be better if you show an example of what isn't working.
You may add your image mask to the weight of transmission channel. Emission doesn't have the weight. But if you use CentiLeo node-based materials you can make a Mix Material and connect your image mask to the primary amount, then connect Emission to primary material, then connect reflections to secondary material of MixMat. This way the image mask will control the visibility of Emission.
You may also recreate this node setup in old-style materials if you create a multi-material and plug Emission and Reflection materials there
Yes, thanks, i forgot Nodes. Will try it
Can you advise me, for example - i need plane with red glossy material with reflections, an i need to add decals (black image with white dots on black background) as light layer of material. Other words i need red glossy plane with white (emissive) dots on it
What is the best way to realize it?
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Oct 12, 2021 14:30
Ok, let me make an example for you, just very soon
I found how to realize it, thanks
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