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como renderizo el pelo
Me podiais ayudar y decirme como renderizar el pelo a los personajes pues no consigo que se vea en el render ,ni en el ipr, hay tutoriales para consultar? me gustaría conocer mejor este motor de render y aprovechar mi gpu rtx 2080ti.Gracias.
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Sep 19, 2021 11:55
Hello and welcome to CentiLeo page!
Actually native hair and spline rendering from Cinema 4D is not yet implemented, but it will be released in 0.66 version. This is quite soon because currently 0.65 is under active development.
As a workaround for today, I have seen Aleksey Voznesenski was using hair in CentiLeo renderer using some tool, see his example here

Also, for future, please write in English here, at least with a google translator. The website is currently only english-speaking and it will be convenient to search for information if all communicate in one language :)

Best reards,
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