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First to say that it's nice and fast render engine even in the current initial stages..
My question for this topic is about the glass dispersion. I cannot find where is. Is that option inserted so far ?

Nikola V.
Administrator  Posts: 767
Jun 8, 2021 07:22
Hi Nikola, and welcome here! Currently, dispersion is not yet available. It will be implemernted in the future.
However, it's probably possible to imitate this effect with Ramp shader (with knots corresponding to differerent spectrum colors) and Falloff shader connected to Ramp input_map. Falloff will give different grey intensity based on view angle. Although I haven't tested this approach :)
Thanks Kirgman,

Can you make a simple test scene with all that tweak shaders ?

Nikola V.
Administrator  Posts: 767
Jun 8, 2021 11:48
Look at this sample. Not a dispersion, but it adds color variation to refractive faces
test.png (1.04 Mb)
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