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Realflow Mesher Object
In the 602 version,IPR shows RealFlow mesher object normally, RealFlow mesher object cannot be displayed in IPR version 614
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Apr 17, 2021 06:06
Hello Walterlee and welcome here!
Please can you send me some sample scene to so I can find the problem quicker? In fact, I haven't yet tested with Realflow and curious why it worked in 0.602 and not in 0.614
Do I need to install "Realflow|Cinema4D 3" plugin?
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Apr 22, 2021 22:31
Hello Walterlee! Thanks a lot for sending a sample and pushing me into wonderfull Realflow area! Hope to fix all within few days.

1) Currently you may render Realflow mesher objects if you cache the simulation/mesher. In this case it works. But if not cached it doesn't work because CentiLeo copies the scene and compiles it in a background thread to prevent main viewport longer freeze during scene compilation. However, the copy of Realflow objects returns empty object (if they are not cached). This is a bug of either Cinema or Realflow. I already discussed it with Maxon regarding TP, and they fixed the issues for TP and scene copy in S24, but the problem still exists for Reaflow if we run it's R23 compilation in S24. Actually I will try to fix the issue somehow, either not using a copy (but working fine with original scene) when we have Realflow objects, or use original scene if we click "Full Scene Reload" - it will also work fine. Just want to not complicate the user setup. Also want to keep background thread scene compilation where it applies and where it works.

2) Vertex deformation blur. Reaflow mesher generates Vertex Maps with Velocity X, Y, Z. I will shortly make few settings in CentiLeo object tag to apply them for motion blur. Other engines do it the same way.

Best regards,
Great! Thank you for your hard work. Have you considered supporting openvdb this year maybe? :)
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Apr 27, 2021 07:13
Thank you too! Btw, RealFlow itself has bugs inside it. So, for example for scenes with RF I will change the behavior of CentiLeo scene compilation in IPR, it will not happen in a background thread but in the main GUI thread. This is less nice but has no crashes of RF. Also for motion blur in IPR or PV the caching/backing of the simulation will be a must have.

OpenVDB? I would love to do it this year, but hardly believe it will happen this year. Maybe the next year! Still there are plenty of other important things to do.
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Apr 28, 2021 20:35
Hi! The RealFlow is integrated with motion blur!
You may just follow the steps described in the release article
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