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Material Preview in Content Browser/Asset Browser
Material Preview
Issue with Material Preview rendering as black. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong
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May 17, 2024 12:53
Just make this small non-default change:

This happens because by default we generate the cache .cntx files with bitmaps. And asset bitmaps from library are virtual and have specific address. So we need to redirect our cache files to the known folder to make this working.
This was done to optimize second launches of the project without bitmap read and parsing. Later we will make the options to store this just in RAM (and reload every time) and will compress the caches.
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Thanks Kirgman

This I already have done. I am talking about once you created a material and add it to the asset browser, it does not render a preview thumbnail
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May 18, 2024 22:45
Heh, it looks like the preview of material in material browser itself doesn't work. But material from the assets do work when they are assigned to the objects and their previews in object editor also work.
Need to fix that previews to avoid this confusion.
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