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Help, Cinema 4D Crashing after click on "ADD" button on nodes.
Help, Cinema 4D Crashing after click on "ADD" button on nodes.
Help, Cinema 4D Crashing after click on "ADD" button on nodes.

When i click on the plus sign to add more nodes, c4d crashes.

My cinema 4D is 2024.0.2
Im using CentiLeo 2024

No matter what is on screen, even with nothing or with many objects the error happens.

Someone can help me?

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May 10, 2024 13:22
Hi garrido! Is CentiLeo working? I mean what if you open Interactive preview render, does it launch? If no what's your GPU?

If the problem is only with adding the nodes only please make sure that you have correctly copied CentiLeo plugin to the folder:
  • Extract downloaded archive
  • To install CentiLeo for Cinema 2024 you should copy CentiLeo2024 folder from downloaded archive to the plugins folder of Cinema 4D, e.g. to “C:/Program Files/Maxon Cinema 4D 2024/plugins/”
The best working extraction program that preserves the folder structure is WinRAR.

How your plugins/CentiLeo2024 folder looks like?
The nodes are described in plugins/CentiLeo2024/res/nodes/ subfolder, there should be 3 .json files there.
Please, let me know how it goes.

ALSO Your current Cinema build version is not the newest, I heard there was some binary incompatibility introduced by Maxon in 2024.2 or 2024.3. As far as I remember this was fixed in Cinema 2024.4. Also 2024.0 works fine. So please upgrade and test 2024.4 and tell me if that works
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Hello Kirgman, thank you for the quick answer!

Yes CentiLeo works well, all renders and materials configs on atributes tab works fine.
The only problem is only this crash when i try to add more nodes.

The CentiLeo2024 folder is on the correct path i believe!? you can check on this print, and also check the 3 json's on node foder

this is the error that pop when i click on plus icon:

and this is the _BugReport.txt , i dont know if this helps, maybe:

About the build, i can try to update the version later but right now im with a lot of works in progress and im afraid of lose some plugins/configurations on update as it already happened with me on past.
If it's the only way to solve it I can wait but it would be nice if there was another alternative, thank you
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May 10, 2024 14:19
I have found the internal message from Maxon to developers, so indeed there was an issue with the Nodes for 3rd party plugins on that intermediate builds. That was fixed in 2024.4 or maybe in even in 2024.3.2. That was just month ago

As far as I see 2024.4 doesn't add problems and it works just fine with the plugins compiled for the earliest version of the season 2024.0 as in our case. It also has the new nice particles system.
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