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Simple small case one | 简单的小案例一
Fast rendering of LEGO Cars | 乐高汽车的快速渲染

This was rendered using the latest version of 0.66, using a Nvidia graphics card 3090. It has to be said that the speed is really fast. Only one HDRI map was used in the entire scene, without any lights or emitters. The design manuscript of the cutting board was added to the ground as a base image, and the material of the car was made of a basic simple material. It has to be said that the effect is really good. I hope everyone can practice more, In the future, I will complete better works to share with you!

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I believe that one day, idealism will be invincible
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Mar 27, 2023 10:26
Hello Saihan and welcome to CentiLeo forum!
Thanks for sharing your nice picture with us! I am fan of Lego too, and now will go and play with my sons with their Lego 51515 Robot Inventor 8)

I may recommend you to see the manual for Cinema 4D that describes our functionality. It's in English but there are the screenshots. And I will also publish the shaderball scene for c4d with some examples.

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I believe that one day, idealism will be invincible
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May 29, 2023 23:30
小车的模型可以分享一下吗 ;)
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