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First Complete Project in Centileo
Leaving gift for friend
This is the first project I've done using Centileo from start to finish. I give leaving staff members a gift to reflect their interests and a reminder of friends for work. I've done dozens over the years but always used Cinema's physical renderer, but its always a faff in that it takes time to do test renders etc. At leas with Centileo I just leave the IPR running and the results are there to see in realtime. For this version I remodelled all the objects with materials to match. Personally I just make the materials using the material editor, which for me is ok. I'd like to learn how to use the node editor for this, but to be honest it's a bit beyond me at the moment.
Finished.jpg (208.11 Kb)
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May 10, 2021 17:32
Hi Ron! Thanks for sharing! Thats a very nice image! I see you have made the glass with liquids right. As for oranges and apples I would also test the mix of diffuse color texture with Subsurface (SSS) amount a little bit. You can use similar colors as diffuse for SSS (or with some redadditional tint). Also a small SSS radius can make the shadows softer similar to the image on homepage!
Node editor is a great thing! Just need to work in CentiLeo node space. They are the same as our usual textures but have this nice view of all texture connections in front of modeler eyes to see the large picture of what is going on there. It just gives the better visual representation and makes complex shader/texture relations easier. For example you can drag and drop the image from OS explorer to the node editor window and the corresponding CentiLeo Bitmap node will appear.
Btw I have fixed that issue with Textures Fading Away and will upload the other release once the other more issues are fixed too.

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