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Animation Test
An animation an old scene with new renderer
Hi Kirill
It's been such a pleasure doing some stills I wondered how Centileo would fare with a simple animation. I rendered the earlier garage scene as a 350 frame animation and it came out pretty well. There are a few flickers, but these are just due to my overly shiny materials. The render was 4.75 hours which I thought was really pretty good.

The Other files of the motion blurred car wheel seems to show a possible bug. The more rotation that is added, the wheel appears to shrink as it increases speed and goes back to it's normal size as it slows down again. No idea why it's doing this?
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Jan 13, 2021 16:47
Hi Ron! Thanks for the very good test! I think the wheel shrinks during the motion because of the lack of motion blur keys. Just go to CentiLeo Render settings -> Camera Tab and there you will see motion blur transformation steps. By default it's 2. Just set it to a higher number, say 10-20. The maximum is 32. I hope this should help.
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