CentiLeo 0.67 for Cinema 4D

Aug 23, 2023 10:59

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Cinema 4D native dockable interactive preview render (IPR) window

Now the Interactive Preview Window can be docked with the Cinema 4D native interface. And it's working faster.

It's also possible to launch the Picture Viewer render at the same time while IPR is open, but the renderer will switch internally.


AOV Passes additions

AOVs: Up to 30 Mask passes for objects and materials

AOVs: Up to 20 light passes / light groups

Details on the versatile setup are here in manual.



Improved Post Processing

Bloom real-time

LUTs support

ACES tonemapping support

Details are here in manual 


Improved UVW Decal settings

Polygon Selection Mask Node that generates b/w mask for chosen selection name (useful for decals)

Fix Repetitions U/V for Material Tag (useful for decals) 

Assignment Alpha (in Material Alpha channel) that generates b/w mask for material based on Material Tag mapping

UVW Mask output for UVW Projection/Transform/Distortion nodes that generates b/w mask depending on UVW tilling mode 

Tiling modes for UVW projection node

Details are in manual: texture coordinates, decalselection mask


Bug Fixes

CentiLeo Light tag inheritance in scene tree

Object Tag options to enable/disable object storage of mesh tangent vectors (used for anisotropic reflections) and displacement vectors

Fix MoGraph tags for regular instances

Fix material assignment to cloner or cloner elements with procedural UVW coords

Fix some bugs with visibility flags for light sources

Fix bug with VRAM consumption when renderer wasn’t yet launched or used

Improved stability

Chinese Translation

Huge thanks for Chinese translation efforts of CentiLeo GUI to our users Peirato (the first translation) and for very many fixes to 222君 (also known as 带喵哩 on our telegram chat).

Another huge thanks to 威猫设计 channel for very nice and skilled CentiLeo review in Chinese.

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