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Nov 23, 2022
CentiLeo 0.650 for Cinema 4D and 3ds Max

Rendering up to 5x, Scene Build up to 4x faster
#c4d #cinema4d #3dsmax #release #speedup

Dec 6, 2021
CentiLeo 0.644 for Cinema 4D

Several small bugfixes including color space for node space shaders and UTF-8 characters in polygon restriction tag
#c4d #release

Oct 5, 2021
CentiLeo 0.643 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D R25 support, faster render due to bugfixing out-of-core textures/bitmaps (up to 2x with heavy texture scenes), added importance sampling option for emission material for noise/render time tradeoff.
#3dsmax #c4d #release

Sep 6, 2021
CentiLeo 0.642 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Several small bugfixes including "File Reset" recover for bitmaps
#3dsmax #c4d #release

Aug 28, 2021
CentiLeo 0.640 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Emissive particles and cloned instanced objects now have much less noise with new importance sampling. New light source settings Direct / Indirect scale, more Emissive material options. Fixed issues with Forester vegetation render.
#3dsmax #c4d #release

Jul 19, 2021
CentiLeo Cinema 4D tutorial in Portuguese

CentiLeo Youtube tutorial by Juliano Carneiro in Portuguese language describing various renderer settings. Thank you Juliano!
#centileo #c4d #tutorial #review #portuguese

Jul 1, 2021
CentiLeo Cinema 4D introduction review

CentiLeo introductory Youtube review by Aleksey Voznesenski from ACE5studios. Thank you Aleks!
#centileo #c4d #review

Jun 22, 2021
CentiLeo 0.630 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Displacement mapping improvements such as continuity over mesh corners and reduced/removed wave artefact for animated camera and adaptive tesselation with high-frequency displacement map
#3dsmax #c4d #release #displacement

May 27, 2021
CentiLeo 0.621 for 3ds Max

Fixed a lot of bitmap/texture related issues. The texture engine caching and management is now significantly more robust and is faster
#3dsmax #release #centileo

May 27, 2021
CentiLeo 0.621 for Cinema 4D

Bugfixes for animated camera deep inside scene hierarchy and for light sources placed too far from scene objects
#release #c4d #centileo

May 23, 2021
CentiLeo 0.620 for Cinema 4D

Fixed a lot of texture/bitmap issues. 30% render speedup for production mode (Picture Viewer) for scenes with node based materials due to wrong tesselation launch when it's not really needed
#release #c4d #centileo

Apr 28, 2021
CentiLeo 0.615 for Cinema 4D

RealFlow support with motion blur using vertexmap velocity
#centileo #c4d #release

Apr 14, 2021
CentiLeo 0.614 for Cinema 4D

Cinema S24 supported in by CentiLeo, including features done before: scene nodes, material nodes, vertex attributes, mograph attributes, X-Particles.
#centileo #c4d #release

Apr 8, 2021
CentiLeo 0.612 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Improved IPR responsiveness, improved speed, Camera Film offset / Tilt, bugfixes, support for 3ds Max 2022
#3dsmax #c4d #release

Apr 1, 2021
High performance out-of-core geometry path tracing demo

High performance out-of-core geometry path tracing demo Demo with high performance interactive out-of-core path tracing in a very complex 250M polygon scene 3.4x larger than VRAM geometry cache.
#out-of-core #demo

Mar 27, 2021
CentiLeo 0.61 for 3ds Max 2014-2021

Up to 10 UVW Map Channels, also vertex painting Vertex Color, Illum and Alpha channels support per mesh. Bugfixes.
#3dsmax #release #attributes

Mar 25, 2021
CentiLeo 0.61 for Cinema 4D R16-R23

CentiLeo 0.61 for Cinema 4D R16-R23 Up to 10 UVW, 10 Vertex Color and 10 Vertex Map support per mesh. Shader nodes with easy access to MoGraph data. Several important bugfixes.
#c4d #release #mograph #attributes

Feb 11, 2021
CentiLeo 0.602 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Bugfixes: very bad fireflies introduced as bug in recent release 0.60 for scenes with glass and regular lights, preview of triplanar and other procedural shaders, 3ds Max CentiLeo material GUI freezes when applied to many objects.

#3dsmax #c4d #release

Feb 4, 2021
CentiLeo 0.601 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Bugfixes for not working bitmap displacement in final render mode, not working emission material for procedural shaders.
#3dsmax #c4d #release

Dec 28, 2020
CentiLeo 0.60 for 3ds Max 2014-2021

CentiLeo 0.60 for 3ds Max 2014-2021 4x faster out-of-core polygon objects rendering. Massive out-of-core particles/instances support. TyFlow direct support. And there are some other improvements & fixes.
#3dsmax #release #speedup #out-of-core #particles

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