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The list of wishes (after using 0.40 and 0.41), suggestions, opinions and wishes
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Aug 15, 2016 21:43
Here are some suggestions i hope U, guys, will fix or implement in future versions of CentiLeo.

1) Faster speed with many light sources (if it's possible, the difference between 20 and 100 light is noticable)

2) UVW mapping – no effect in Frame Buffer – FIX FIX FIX! Please)

3) Dirt shader!!!

4) Spot base shape selector (not only disc).

5) Bidirectional IES

6) Spherical camera

7) Shaders display in viewport (think it's a huge bug, please fix)

8 ) Resource Collector <=== (operating with a scene with a lot of textures is quite embarassing now)

9) Frame Buffer sees objects hidden in viewport - BUG!

10) Lights are not clipped for near/far clipping - BUG?

11) Multi-texture shader

12) Optimize GUI MultiMat material

13) ForestPack!!!

14) Disabled lights should be black, not removed at all!

So, here are some desirable thing and big bugs i've found (small ones are not listed). I'll try to update the list in future! Best of luck! ;)
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The progress of working in CentiLeo ^_^, Testing. Sharing. Feedbacking.
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Aug 15, 2016 07:21
Hi there! Here’re some interior shots rendered in 0.40! Scene has apprx 7 million polygons and 100+ lights. While interactive works really fast, scene converges fast as well, there are too many bugs so far and too many things should be implemented for comfortable workr. As for me, first of all you should make UVW coordinates to work correctly, for habitual faster texturing, make it visible when the lights are turned-off and make resource collector alive))) Exposure correction, gamma and other colour tuning seem pretty nice!

Anyway, the idea with a good prospect, looking forward for fixes for dat big amount of bugs)

I begin testing how 0.41 works and and try this scene with slightly more geometry and features. will keep you in touch guys.

And the pix! 8)
Edited: Bakha - Aug 16, 2016 11:13
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