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IPR renders fine but Render to Picture Viewer generates black images?
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Dec 1, 2021 23:43
Hi ds, and welcome here! It looks strange. Out-of-memory is likely to be not CentiLeo error, but the one of C4D! :) Also the general PV render doesn't work when IPR is already running. Close IPR and then launch PV! If that doesn't help please can you send a scene with alembic inclusion to for my investigations on the problem?
Shadow catch pass (multi-pass) does not work under any settings, shadow catch never shows up, and I have tried many combinations of settings
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Dec 1, 2021 03:15
I hope to implement a system where shadow casts can be controlled by user per object or in some mask system. For example it's possible to make a system where object doesn't cast any shadows on all other objects. Probably it's possible to make a system where object doesn't cast a shadow on selected objects, maybe using some kind of layer system to determine the groups of objects receving or not receving the shadow casts. Indeed this feature is very much needed.
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Nov 30, 2021 05:29
Of course! This is very much needed. And not only from Octane
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Nov 30, 2021 04:34
RAin3D_, the free version will be available for more time, no worry
Purple is made into blue using centileo shader?
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Nov 29, 2021 21:31
The color was wrong because of a bug with internal gamma usage. This issue and the website SSL certificate are both fixed, no warnings anymore, sorry for this :)
I will upload a bugfix next day.
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Nov 29, 2021 20:53
RAin3D_, I hope within several months. That would be nice! :)
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Nov 29, 2021 08:19
Thank you! Of course there is a huge list of improvements that we are going to make. Currently we are doing render speed optimization, hair and spline support. Next we will make material converter from some other renderers, add more post processing options, add more AOVs and masks for render images. We will also make object exclusion system for light sources and render images and so on :)

Have you seen that Cinema 4D selections work with non-Chinese symbols? This should be fixed in the next release quite soon.

RAin3D_ wrote:
Kirgman, Is there a social software and an official communication place for this renderer?
There is a Facebook group
And Facebook page where we duplicate the news from the website
In few steps later will launch the project on other social platfomrs too.
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Nov 29, 2021 03:10
RAin3D_ wrote:
Kirgman , I have sent the email to your account. Can you check and receive it?
Hi RAin3D_, thanks for file! I have already found the problem thanks to you. It was related to Chinese names of selection tags and materials texturetags referencing these selections by Chinese names. I will fix it quite soon, the mistake was small :)
At the moment you can rename you selections to some name in English characters or numbers to make it working :)
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Nov 28, 2021 13:05
Thank you, looking forward for files to test the issue
Can node material be shared with other renderers?, Can node material be shared with other renderers?
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Nov 28, 2021 02:49
Thank you very much text-tree for kind words! And welcome here!
I understand what you are asking for. Actually currently we have no any material/shaders converter from other renderers to CentiLeo and this creates a problem to get more users. Manual material conversion is a long and boring thing and so material creation from scratch is the way to go.
However, we plan to start developing material converter from C4D and Octane, Redshift, potentially the converter can be open-source.
We will start doing this after 0.66 version will be released. Still 2 versions to wait for :)
CentiLeo lights, how do they work? I cannot make them more intense, Lights not able to brighten in IPR
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Nov 25, 2021 01:14
These light types are simply not yet supported. This will be fixed.
Currently only those types are supported: area with rectangle shape, spot, infinite, omni.
The omni has radius parameter in centileo light tag to make a sphere from it.
Infinite light has lighting angle parameter in centileo light tag to change the softness of shadows.

Additionally there are mesh lights in CentiLeo. You can make any geometry object of any complexity and assign CentiLeo Emission material to it. In node space you just connect Emission node to the Output node or you can use a mix combination of Emission and non-emission materials and connected to Output.
There is a cylinder light shape on you picture. Just use CentiLeo mesh light, they are very fast.
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 available
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Nov 24, 2021 05:53
hu wrote:
I found a solution, I opened the wrong option
Oh, thanks for finding it by yourself! :)
Honestly, I have forgotten about this option (send raw AOVs). This option is needed to get rid of any postprocessing from images, save them as HDRs (EXR) and continue processing them in other image processing application.
How to mask out objects using a plane to hide them?
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Nov 23, 2021 11:46
Hi ssjenforcer, it looks like you are doing smart experiments with shadow catcher! :)
Actually the cast from soldier shadow catcher plane behind him is a shadow. And it looks like the light source is emitting from the direction close to camera position.
To change this I suggest to add the second Sky object + CentiLeo Environment tag to the scene without HDR image file but just with a white color.
This second Sky object should be placed in the scene next to or as a child to the main Sky object. This second Sky object is placed as the override to Shadow Catcher / Matte of the first Sky object. The override settings are placed in CentiLeo Enviroment tags. The HDR file and direction of the first main Sky object may be not changed and lighting of objects (diffuse / reflection / sss, etc) will not be changed when Shadow Catcher / Matte slot is overrided by the second Sky. This matte ovveride will only affect the shadows casted to shadow catcher plane by the Sky.

Actually CentiLeo is currently constructed so that all scene objects and light sources influence on each other in a physically based way with a few overrides. Making the masks to exclude objects from camera view, making light source include/exclude lists and/or masks is thing that we need and of course it will be implemented into our engine too. Fortunatelly, this is not a very complex feature/
Shadow catch pass (multi-pass) does not work under any settings, shadow catch never shows up, and I have tried many combinations of settings
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Nov 23, 2021 11:22
ssjenforcer, as for default light settings it seems you have some non-default Exposure settings or probably scene scale. When you start with a new reset scene in Cinema then CentiLeo light intensity settings produce good lighting for the objects around them without burning them. Also CentiLeo light intensity multiplier is a multiplier in centileo light tag! It just multiplies the Light intensity and color of native cinema light source object.
Shadow catch pass (multi-pass) does not work under any settings, shadow catch never shows up, and I have tried many combinations of settings
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Nov 19, 2021 16:54
ssjenforcer wrote:
When I tried multi pass non of the layers other than the Alpha were transparent backgrounds. Is that because of using separate alpha?
Yes, this is because of this. I have tested Cinema 4D exactly for this for several hours. So, it has Alpha channel for rendered image and it's applied on not only for main beauty image. It can have Separate Alpha On/Off:
1) In case it's Off then the Beauty image has transparency, but other passes still don't have (Diffuse, Reflection).
2) But in case it's On we get all images without Alpha channel and Alpha channel itself is stored as a separate image.
I think that case 2 is good, because you can re-apply this Alpha image to any image pass in AE. I don't have AE now, but I think it should be possible, it looks as something basic: the 4-th channel :)

In the future I will make a functionality to determine the images with object masks where you can determine the group of objects that go to any other output mask image. Also render objects or groups of objects separatelly from the other scene in image but with GI influence.
Shadow catch pass (multi-pass) does not work under any settings, shadow catch never shows up, and I have tried many combinations of settings
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Nov 19, 2021 08:53
Why you background is red? Why you don't do it with ground plane + shadow catcher that can be transparent with semi-transparent shadows?
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 available
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Nov 19, 2021 08:22
Looks strange. I have retested on my C4D. It was ok.
Please, can you send me your .c4d project file to for tests with your settings?
Dirt, I'd like to ask Dirk why he didn't respond
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Nov 19, 2021 08:19
Hi seiwen, welcome here!
Sorry for confusion, Dirt node currently is broken. We have to fix it in future releases.
Shadow catch pass (multi-pass) does not work under any settings, shadow catch never shows up, and I have tried many combinations of settings
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Nov 18, 2021 17:14
The composite tag doesn't work yet in CentiLeo. I know it's needed very much, but still busy on other features.

I think we have missed the Multi Pass checkboxes in render settings. They are enabled automatically when user enables the Light passes or Beauty passes, but it was missed to do so for Alpha channel. But anyway I recommend to select what is highlighted on the image below: the Alpha channel, Diffuse, Reflection, and Multi Pass / Post Effects on the left menu as highlighted.
Then after re-render in PV you will see the image and layers in Layer tab. If you select "Multi-Pass" option in this tab the checkbox "Layers" will be activated in the Save menu for this image (see at the left side). This works for manual saving after render is done.

But really the Alpha channel output can be enabled if we make automatic render image save. This can be enabled using Save Settings (keep attention on highlighted settings):
1) To save the regular image (beauty main of centileo) you use the usual Save file of the Regular Image tab.
2) To save the layers you have to setup the Multi-Pass Image tab settings and setup additional Save filename, also use layer name as suffix.

3) If you enable the flag "Separate Alpha" in Regular Image tab the Alpha Channel will be outputed as a single separate file with "A_xxx" prefix.

4) If you disable the flag "Separate Alpha" then Alpha channel will be embeded to regular image (our beauty image) and it will get transparent background and semi-transparent shadows:
什么时候能够发布 正式版本,并且支持简体中文, 中国用户 十分期待
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Nov 18, 2021 15:10
To edit the node materials there are few steps:

1. Open Cinema 4D in developer mode. To do this you may open the properties of Cinema.exe shortcut. This shortcut of exe file can be found in windows task panel. In the properties of shortcut edit the launching object to this string:
"C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R21\Cinema 4D.exe" g_applicationRepositoryWritable=true g_developerNodeEditorFunctions=true g_descriptionEditorDeveloperMode=true
It just changes the command line params to developer mode when you use the shortcut. Alternatively you may use a command line (cmd.exe) to launch Cinema with this string.
I would show a screenshot, but it's in Russian :))

2. Then launch Cinema as Administrator clicking on the edited shortcut or command line. Create CentiLeo node material, right-click mouse on material node and click "Edit Resource".
In the opened window you will see the interface of this particular node. To change the language you have to edit the strings of the GUI elements as highlighted in the image.
For sure you have to select the proper language in the top left corner of this window when you edit the strings.

3. The other CentiLeo nodes can be selected for editing in the top left corner in "Id" line (2 rows to the down from Language).

4. After you have finished your editing you should click to the top menu item Database and select "Save all Databases".

5. Your changes will be reflected in the files in this folder (this is the CentiLeo plugin folder and it's internal "res\nodes\" subfolder)
C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R21\plugins\CentiLeoR21\res\nodes
As you can see currently this folder contains 2 .json files. They are hardly readable, but they contain a structure and a language file of the interface. Currently one English language. Then if you have setup Chinese language in your Cinema GUI you can probably add Chinese from that resource editor. Or maybe clone the english version of CentiLeo .json file and rename en-US to Chinese suffix (I don't know how it looks currently).

6. The resulting .json files for R21 in our example after you have saved the Databases can be copied to the other plugin versions for R22-R25. All .json files are the same for all Cinema versions for CentiLeo.

7. The other optional way to open Resource Editor (avoiding steps 1 and 2) is to click the "Search" icon in the very top right corner (under the close X button), and type "Resource Editor" there. In the opened window of resource editor select the language and the database "com.centileo.nodes.module"

In reality this is not complex. But the message looks large :)
Maxon describes the launching of Resource editor with their documentation for programmers where you can see similar screenshots­
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