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I want to do more quick rendering
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May 9, 2022 11:47
dear manager i am univ student of south korea

i want to know how fastest rendering settings

and heres my setting value

It took a long time to rendering so i reduce my function value

this is when the computer is interpreting the rendering
i don't know why my gpu card using 5%~16%??

If it's the standard, wouldn't it be normal if it came out 100%?

I read the catalog because I was wondering what the problem was. '
I've got what I'm looking for yeah!!!


but there is nothing change function value tab...
could you help me this my problem

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May 9, 2022 12:50
Hi Sang! Welcome here!! Is this the latest CentiLeo version? The latest package doesn't have the documentation you post here in a screenshot.
Also what is you GPU and what are your PC specs?
Can you send me this scene to for investigation and debugging? It's likely to be a bug there because CentiLeo usually utilizes the GPU for 97-99%
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May 9, 2022 13:26
dear respect to manager

my C4D Ver is R20.059 and CTL Ver is R20 0.644 and my computer spec is

장치 이름 DESKTOP-1BH66S5
프로세서 Intel® Xeon® Gold 6248R CPU @ 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz(2 프로세서)
설치된 RAM 256GB(256GB 사용 가능)
장치 ID A6590C9D-9B01-47E9-8CED-1BBB318FECBA
제품 ID 00391-52102-77372-AAOEM
시스템 종류 64비트 운영 체제, x64 기반 프로세서
펜 및 터치 이 디스플레이에 사용할 수 있는 펜 또는 터치식 입력이 없습니다.

운영 체제: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, 64-bit
DirectX 버전: 12.0
GPU 프로세서: NVIDIA RTX A5000
드라이버 버전: 512.59
드라이버 유형: DCH
Direct3D 기능 레벨: 12_1
CUDA 코어: 8192
크기 조절 가능 BAR 아니요
코어 클럭: 1695 MHz
메모리 데이터 속도: 16.00 Gbps
메모리 인터페이스: 384비트
메모리 대역폭: 768.10 GB/s
사용 가능한 총 그래픽 메모리: 153910MB
전용 비디오 메모리: 23028 MB GDDR6
시스템 비디오 메모리: 0MB
공유 시스템 메모리: 130882MB
비디오 BIOS 버전: 94.02.6D.00.0E
IRQ: Not used
버스: PCI Express x16 Gen3
오류 수정 코드(ECC): 켜기
장치 Id: 10DE 2231 147E1028
부품 번호: G132 0500

I found something unique while using it

if i used centileo IPR viewer gpu usage 20~30% and little bit faster than picture viewer rendering
but i need animation scene and export MP4 file

please help me this problem thank you
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It looks like he has NVIDIA RTX A5000.
interesting GPU.
Do you have the latest driver, and is it a studio driver instead of the game ready driver?
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May 9, 2022 13:31
I want to help to fix the issue. Pls, can you send me a scene to using some Google Drive or similar fileshare? There can be a stupid bug there
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May 9, 2022 13:44
i don't have GRD control panel but similar program has been installed RTX Desktop Manager

and yes!! aslo include geforce lastest driver
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May 9, 2022 13:47

thank you kirgman if you need or want looking my computer

i'm always anytime open windows remote control (anydesk) program

i will send to you my project
please check your e-mail and understand my poor english language skill
Edited: sang - May 9, 2022 13:51
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May 9, 2022 14:50
Thanks for scene! Downloading it now. I will get back once I test it
CentiLeo Chat:
You can speedup the render by reducing the max iteration 1-2 and use denoise.
Just use ipr and check the iteration values, depending on the scene the bigger noise may clear around iteration value of 1.
I use 1-2 depending on the scene and with denoise always get reasonable result within a minute.
Unless your scene too complex to compute there is no use keeping higher iteration values. Just make sure static noise is turned on and use denoise.
Edited: thrimanakatha - May 10, 2022 02:41
Man, you have 48×2 core cpu running at 3ghz, then why gpu rendering?
physical render can render your scene within seconds if you setup the scene correctly.
If gi precomputing take too much time try qmc for both primary and secondary or turn off secondary.
even without gi turned on simple sky and ao setup can make your car look
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May 30, 2022 20:55
sang wrote:

thank you kirgman if you need or want looking my computer

i'm always anytime open windows remote control (anydesk) program

i will send to you my project
please check your e-mail and understand my poor english language skill
Hi Sang! Thanks again for your scene! Sorry for veery long reply, I was too busy developing some renderer parts.
I have looked there and detected the reason of low performance. Basically everything is nice except of the emission material "LED_Beige". This material is assigned to selection of the building which forms a light shape around the building of the very irregular form. In fact the internal emission algorithm doesn't divide this shape too deep and hence doesn't result in the nice noise reduction. The other emission materials work fine in the scene: the emissive objects inside the building and the stree lights, etc.
The receipe to fix the issue:
1) Reduce the emission power of only "LED_Beige" to something less than 10 and make importance sampling Off. And you will see how the noise would be reduced a lot.
2) Manualy divide the selection of polygons that have assigned LED_Beige into multiple different objects of simpler shap.
3) Wait until I make #2 as an automatic internal process as part of more complex noise reduction algorithm. The main concern is memory but there are some ideas. Basically this process is implemented in the renderer core, but it doesn't divide to deep as is needed for such an object. So the further improvements are needed.

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