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Can node material be shared with other renderers?
Can node material be shared with other renderers?
I really like that this renderer is easy but not simple. One question is that it does not support the c4d standard material. so,Can the node material be used form other renderers like oc\redshift? I hope so.
Thank you very much for developing such a useful and beautiful renderer!!
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Nov 28, 2021 02:49
Thank you very much text-tree for kind words! And welcome here!
I understand what you are asking for. Actually currently we have no any material/shaders converter from other renderers to CentiLeo and this creates a problem to get more users. Manual material conversion is a long and boring thing and so material creation from scratch is the way to go.
However, we plan to start developing material converter from C4D and Octane, Redshift, potentially the converter can be open-source.
We will start doing this after 0.66 version will be released. Still 2 versions to wait for :)
Very much looking forward to
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