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Gpu Usage at 99%

is it possible to limit the gpu usage, for example to 90-95%.

If we have just one gpu and this does the rendering, working or browsing gets a little bit laggy.

A second gpu would wich ist deactivated for rendering, would be the solution, but maybe we can get a function in the settings for a limit?
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Apr 26, 2020 20:18
Hi vblackrender., I don't know yet how to limit it with a special procedure. Will need to explore.
The goal was to construct a process that saturates a GPU with tasks as much as possible. Less CPU work, more GPU.
But I think the laggy thing may be reduced with some future optimizations especially related to picture delivery to IPR. Also the current JUCE framework that is used for IPR window may be a reason (I am going to change it Cinema native windows).
Also not everyone experiences the laggy behavior, some people notice CentiLeo for being not laggy. I had laggs in the past, then optimized and don't notice now on 1070 (all 2 or 4 GPUs run at the same time and + 2 monitors). What is your PCI Express connection GPU <-> Host? Normal x16 or x8 lanes?

there is only very very little lag, if I am switching from tab to tab in my browser or doing other stuff in Photoshop.

It is not 100% smooth, maybe 90%. I thought that is because of the GPU is on 99%.

What is your PCI Express connection GPU <-> Host? Normal x16 or x8 lanes?

At the moment I am using only one GPU. That should be x16 I think.
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Apr 28, 2020 21:10
Yes, single GPU should be on x16. I think the reason is because of competion of browser, Photoshop and renderer. I thought that you experience the lags during IPR work or something there. Btw in this case sometimes pausing IPR geometry updates may help. Paused by default (circular button with Auto label). If switched on - IPR will respond to geometry changes interactively.

I have uploaded a short video to show the lag with CentiLeo while rendering.

Its the same when I render with the picture viewer.
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Apr 30, 2020 16:37
Hi vblackrender.,
It's quite serious lag, I would like to solve it. There will still be some optimizations there with image delivery, IPR itselft and render time, I hope they will help more.

Have you tested when Photoshop is not running at the same time? Just Cinema + CentiLeo. How is that? What is your RAM and free Disc space amount, OS paging file size?

yes, I have tested it without Photoshop opened. It makes no difference.

Generally everything is laggy while rendering. I have 32Gb ram and using not much on this scene.

SSD where my windows is installed 25gb and 150gb on the second harddrive free space.

Os pagefile size is on my ssd min and max 200mb and on the hdd 20gb.

Whene I am rendering with redshift, there is no lag.

When I check the gpu usage, it is between 85-95%. I think that could be the reason.
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