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Optix Denoiser Realtime Rendering

are there any plans to integrate a realtime denoiser, like "Optix" fr om Nvidia.

I personally have often optix activated when I work on interiors, to become a much more noise free result.

I always set it to 50% and use it in all my preview renderings.

Its like magic, to work with this.

To have this in CentiLeo would be amazing and would make much more fun working on a project, where it takes a while to reduce the noise.

That would be a big PLUS for CentiLeo!
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Apr 29, 2020 20:01
Yes, absolutelly OptiX denoiser will be integrated and all it's resource needs will be accomodated inside CentiLeo. Actually in R21 there is Intel Denoiser in Cinema itself and CentiLeo uses it from there for all AOVs. It's not realtime, it takes around 5 sec to denoise a 1-2 Mpix image if I recall correctly. Quality is not super, but anyway for interior walls it's fine. I think that OptiX is close to quality and much faster.
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