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Stacked Texture Tag Problems
Any stacked textures in C4d don't render correctly - nothing appears
I've been trying out the latest update - 0.611 and the stacked texture tags don't seem to be working. I've run the same project in 0.602 and all is fine. Possibly a bug? Also any polygon selections for textures seem to be being ignored. I've attached a couple of images each with different versions of Centileo to show the differences.
Ron :)
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Apr 5, 2021 14:30
Hi Ron, thanks for reporting a bug. I am sure I tested it before release. But something was broken with avoiding a recompilation related to the prior bugfix. Investigating currently...
Administrator  Posts: 523
Apr 8, 2021 11:46
Ron, the issue is fixed! See new 0.612 update in download section.
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