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IPR goes black

I have recognized, when I am minimizing the IPR window and later maximize it again, it will be black.

It is still rendering. I can see the result when I save the render.
black ipr.jpg (148.83 Kb)
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Apr 30, 2020 19:04
It seems the 3rd party JUCE library that is used for IPR window is going buggy in your system. Potentially it's conflicting with something else present there. I don't have such problem not on Win7 nor on 10. I think that transitioning to Cinema native window GUI will fix the issue and will be docable (as C4D people love so much).

Just an experiment: what if you remove Corona from plugins folder, test the subject issue whether there is a bug. And then move Corona back? There were some problems with co-existence with Corona in the past because of IPR (their's and our's).
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