About CentiLeo

Dec 28, 2020 10:36

CentiLeo is a high-performance offline GPU renderer with physically-based unbiased path tracing. It works as a 3rd party renderer plugin fully integrated inside 3ds Max.

At the moment only NVIDIA GPUs and Windows OS are supported.

CentiLeo technology features are still in active development (free Alpha stage) but for many purposes it can be considered as almost production-ready.

The main principles of CentiLeo development are: solving complex graphics tasks intelligently, optimizing rendering speed and memory, providing great 3D creation flexibility and provide easy user interaction.

We have found a scalable technology structure that already supports huge out-of-core geometry and image texture assets (patented technology) on GPU. Quick specs: 25-30 million unique polygons can fit in 1 GB of GPU memory; handling up to 4x more geometry polygons than GPU memory may store and doing that in the most efficient and compressed way; support tens or hundreds of GB of image textures on consumer GPUs.

CentiLeo also has high performance unbiased path tracing solver which is adaptively learned and is very efficient for many important render noise situations (global illumination, many lights, complex shape mesh lights, many-layer materials, subsurface scattering).

Other important features include:
  • Fast and high-quality scalar displacement mapping;
  • Up to 32-step motion blur, 2-step deformation motion blur;
  • Fast ray-traced diffusion based subsurface-scattering property;
  • Light-group AOVs;
  • Interactive Preview Render (IPR) with final frame quality and real-time updates.