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Bluse-noise Dithered Sampling

I am not much the technichel guy, but this looks very promising and intersting.

Could CentiLeo benefit from this?

I have read, that Corona is working on that at the moment and that will let the images look less noisy.

Very interesting stuff!
Black dots in animation

it looks like, when I render an animation, that few frames are becoming black dots here and there. I dont know, what cause this.

I will send you two files, and if you look carefully, you will notice the dots, like in an old movie.

Any idea?
Black frames in animation issue

when I render a animation, every second frame goes black. It doesnt render, just get black and jump to the next frame.

Let us say, in this example Im going to render a 550 frames animation. On the end, there will half of the frames be missing.

Tried to double the total frames to 1100, but on the end, the animation was finished in the middle, the half of the frames were missing and the rest were just hunderds of frames with just the last not moving frame.

Is there a way to solve this issue at the moment?
IPR goes black

I have recognized, when I am minimizing the IPR window and later maximize it again, it will be black.

It is still rendering. I can see the result when I save the render.
Optix Denoiser Realtime Rendering

are there any plans to integrate a realtime denoiser, like "Optix" fr om Nvidia.

I personally have often optix activated when I work on interiors, to become a much more noise free result.

I always set it to 50% and use it in all my preview renderings.

Its like magic, to work with this.

To have this in CentiLeo would be amazing and would make much more fun working on a project, where it takes a while to reduce the noise.

That would be a big PLUS for CentiLeo!
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Regionrender in the IPR

is it possible to integrate the function for multiple "regionrenders" in the IPR and the "move" function?
Gpu Usage at 99%

is it possible to limit the gpu usage, for example to 90-95%.

If we have just one gpu and this does the rendering, working or browsing gets a little bit laggy.

A second gpu would wich ist deactivated for rendering, would be the solution, but maybe we can get a function in the settings for a limit?
Light Lister

are there any plans for a Light Lister?

Where we have all our lights listeed and can tweak them there, without searching for each between the objects.
Refresh rate while rendering

I have found out, if I render in the editor view or in the picture viewer, especially in the editor view, That images really cleans up at exact 1 iretation and the second time at 5. iretation and so on.

Is it possible to set the refreshrate to realtime, to see the results faster? In the IPR for example the refresh-rate is in realtime.

In the IPR, it first renders with a bucket and than it gets cleaner and cleaner. Is it possible to deactivate the bucket turn?

When I work with the IPR and do a lot of tweaking, the bucket starts at first, and that can take few seconds everytime, to see the exact result after it starts to clean the noise.
IES Lights

at the moment, do we have the possibility to use .ies lights?

Is there actually a way to use this in CentiLeo or will this come in future updates?
Color correct shader in materials

I dont know if this issue is solved in the r21 version.

Lets say, I have imported an texture/image and afterwards I want to do some color correction.

Now when I choose the "color correct" shader, there is no input, i think this is the same with other shaders, too.

(I know in other shaders there are more channels and maybe CentiLeo dont know where to put in the texture, but "color correct" has just one input channel)

I will need to import the texture again.

Are the solutions for this or a fix for later?
Tonemapping wishes

this thread is about wishes for the tonemapping in CentiLeo.

- Contrast: Is the "Contrast Shadows" here different from the normal Contrast?

- Curves: Nice to have!

- Luts: Hell yeah! Very important!

- Filmic Shadows: I use this function in every Archviz rendering! It makes the look so much better, Corona has this for example.

- Bloom & Glare: Very nice to have for Archviz stuff and for sure for any kind of projects.

- Sharpening: In CentiLeo we can set "Pixel filter size" in the settings from 1.25 to 1 or lower, but this is not the same, that will result in hard edges.
(Sharpen Amount, Sharpen radius and blur radius)

All these effects are possible in Photoshop (contrast and curves in the picture viewerI now), but to have all these additionally in CentiLeo to see everything directly in the renderingwould be so amazing.

Tonemapping in archviz vizualisations are so important for the perfect look. They can change so much. This is one of the reasons, why so much people are using Corona.

Looking forward to see all these functions in CentiLeo one day.
C4D Film Offset Issue

It looks like CentiLeo dont recognize the "Film Offset" Settings in Cinema 4D.

In the editor view, its correct, but when I render, it dont use the settings.

It renders with Film Offset on "0".
Huge .cntx Files

as I understood, these files are the reason, why there is nearly no pre-caching time, when start the rendering.

This is very clever and very time saving! Never saw this before.

But how do we deal with the huge files?

For example I am using a wooden floor texture wich is "33MB", the .cntx file is "800MB".

Is it possible, that we get a function to activate and deactivate this feature?

When I import textures from different folders, wich I do very often in my workflow, I am getting everywhere .cntx files.

That can look very messy, especiaelly, when you are testing different textures and it generates everytime this files everywhere.

For now I am sorting them manually in my "tex" folder.

But there we have the issue with all these big files.
vblackrender's corner

I have created a topic for all upcoming stuff from me, I hope that is okay.

I had the chance to test your render engine and I am amazed! Dont know why I haven't seen this renderer before.

The speed is suprisingly fast! There is a lot what I need to test. But for now, I can say that the quality is really high.

I am working with corona for years and I can't see any difference to other renderers on the quality.

Sure there are some functions, wich needs to implement. But I am sure, that will be done in near future.

I have thrown some objects in to a small room to test the materials and the overall lighting.

I really like the look, I can achieve with this engine. I will definetly do more tests!

This engine has a lot of potential!

By the way, I am working with Cinema 4D. The render, wich I have done took 10min on a GTX 1080.

There will be come a lot of questions from my side, should I post them here in my topic or create a new one for every question?

I will mostly post archviz renders.
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