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Centileo feedbak [pBarrelas]
I created this topic in order to keep organized my feedback and founded bugs in one place.
I just installed it and fired up a sample scene to test it.
I'm going to keep increasing this list along with more testing.

I find the material system a bit counter intuitive but I have to play a bit more with it before giving a proper feedback.
The Render Settinhs are well layed out and simple to work with.

Missing features [0.42 Alpha]

-No Object Tag (compositing tag).
-No camera Film Offset support.
-Does´t take into account object visibility flags.
-No camera tag in order to control Post-Render settings per camera, Currently, we can only contril this globaly.

Bugs [0.42 Alpha]

-After creating a new material, the material preview doesn´t upd ate properly.
-The Environment Tag inverts the loaded textures. [Current solution: se t the scale to -1 on the Z axis (Sky Object)]

Wish List

-Pause/Resume button in IPR window.
-A switch button between Render Settings resolution and a smaller custom resolution that respect the resolution ration, for fast testing.
-Faster material previews.
-Override material in render settings.
-Fast architectural glass to speedup calculations on window panes.
-A control to render the Productions Iterations through time. This we can chose to render up to a certain iterations number or time.
-Picture Viewer feedback of the current image pass (iteration).
-Please modify the SH (from shader) to Tex on the material editor. It´s more intuitive.
Edited: pBarrelas - Aug 27, 2016 14:29
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