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Centileo works with standar C4D shaders?
Theia Mania
Guest  Posts:
Jan 26, 2017 03:27
Hallo everybody,
I'l like simply to know if Centileo works with native C4D's shaders. I am searching for a IPR which works with native C4D shaders, using IPR to see the development of the render settings in real time.
Administrator  Posts: 465
Jan 26, 2017 04:26
Hi Theia,

Currently we don't yet support native C4D shaders but have own set of shaders. However, we have IPR mode which understands everything (i.e. it responds to material, shader, lights, object motion and polygon editing inside object). This IPR is final frame quality and has button to transfer image or beauty passes to Picture Viewer. Since upcoming CentiLeo 0.48 the responsiveness of IPR will be further improved.

We plan to implement support for native C4D shaders as much as possible. But right now it is necessary to make more core features like motion blur, mesh emitters, hair, massive particles.
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