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Hello folks!, i want to say that im impress whit this new render engine, i try for an hour and its really easy and intuitive, so far i like to learn more information in deep, there is any manual for read?. Great to all and thank you.
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Apr 1, 2019 03:49
Hi Ikon Art! Welcome to CentiLeo! :)
There is a very outdated documentation in the download archive, but I think it's not needed.
Actually we will update the documentation after 0.60 release when we will get more speed, node-based GUI, more features (particles, attributes, improved displacement).

There are almost no technical render parameters to affect performance except clamping. Other things are automatic. We try to do it simple and make space only for creativity.

Some valuable info:
1) All the used centileo bitmaps construct caches with the names "*.cntx". At the first bitmap usage it takes some time to construct a cache and also disk space, but later after second launch bitmaps are loaded from caches immediatelly. Later will reduce the *.cntx file sizes. They can be removed manually when the work on scene is not needed anymore.
2) Supported GPUs are with CUDA compute capability 3.0 or more, with 3GB or more. More GPU memory is better of course. 8GB+ VRAM is excellent. Geometry is stored very efficiently, also for displacement, there is a lot of space before you meet out-of-core, which is also very efficient.
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