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CentiLeo for 3ds Max 0.586 available - speedup 2x to up to 10x, added many new shaders and emission
Thank you for replying, where can I report bugs, crashes and improvements?
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Dec 10, 2019 06:41
Juan Carlos Gutiérrez wrote:
Thank you for replying, where can I report bugs, crashes and improvements?
I think it's better to post these things as new topics (or all in one your topic) in this forum. I track it every day :)
Will soon start publishing the documentation online with few articles, will begin from materials and shaders.
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Dec 31, 2019 13:49
Change Log: cntlmax 0.584 alpha (2019 December 31)
[core] Fixed z-fighting render artifacts for coplanar polygons in the scene, precision is improved.
[core] Fixed few rare crash-bugs.
[cntlmax] Installation instructions are changed a bit, read them again!
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Jan 29, 2020 10:27
Change Log: cntlmax 0.585 alpha (2020 January 29)
[core] 5-10% rendering speedup
[core] Fixed shadow catcher weights in case of many light sources (makes shadows of different intensity per light source on the Matte/Shadow Catcher object).
[core] Fixed shadow artifacts in case of very small area lights.
[core] Bitmap file paths now support Unicode strings (not just English).
[core] Fixed camera Auto Focus in IPR ([AF] button).
[core] CentiLeo updated to CUDA 10.2.
Attention! Must Upgrade to:
- Latest NVIDIA Display Drivers: Game Ready Driver 441.87 or Studio Driver 441.66 (slightly faster).
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Jan 30, 2020 19:25
Change Log: cntlmax 0.586 alpha (2020 January 30)
[cntlmax] Fixed problems when 3ds Max UI scheme is saved
[cntlmax] Fixed some mesh normal artifacts in rare cases
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