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CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.585 available - speedup 2x to up to 10x and R21 support
Max iterations : 1
Min iterations : 1
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Jan 27, 2020 04:06
Hi Aimar, I have updated the plugin. And also fixed denoising AOVs issue in R21. Check the Render Settings -> AOVs tab. It has 2 new checkboxes: "Denoise AOVs", "Keep raw and denoised AOVs". They enable/disable denoising for all CentiLeo output images. These settings doesn't affect Main Beauty image in case the central Cinema Denoise Effect is active (which supports only single Main Beauty image and process it by itself). Everything is based on Cinema / OIDN denoiser.

Change Log: cntlc4d 0.585 alpha (2020 January 27)
[core] 5-10% rendering speedup
[core] Fixed shadow catcher weights in case of many light sources (makes shadows of different intensity per light source on the Matte/Shadow Catcher object).
[core] Fixed shadow artifacts in case of very small area lights.
[core] Bitmap file paths now support Unicode strings (not just English).
[core] Fixed camera Auto Focus in IPR ([AF] button).
[core] CentiLeo updated to CUDA 10.2.
[cntlc4d] Added support for Cinema/OIDN denoiser in R21 for CentiLeo AOVs (see 2 new checkboxes in CentiLeo Render Settings -> AOVs: 1) “Denoise Images”, 2) “Keep raw and denoised AOVs”). If Cinema denoiser is not enabled with Denoiser Effect (which works only for Main Beauty) then CentiLeo settings enable this for it’s AOVs.
Attention! Must Upgrade to:
- Latest NVIDIA Display Drivers: Game Ready Driver 441.87 or Studio Driver 441.66 (slightly faster).
- Minimum Cinema R21 build is 115
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