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CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.560 available - mesh lights, adaptive multi-lights and R20
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Sep 6, 2018 03:35
Hello everyone!

We now reelease an update CentiLeo 0.56 for Cinema 4D R16-R20. This time it improves the light sources, complex geometry shapes for light sources are allowed and many light sources are working much faster now and bugs are also fixes. On next release we will add more shader nodes.

Please, test it and share your opinion!
Best regards,

Download link (site registration required):

Change Log: cntlc4d 0.560 alpha (2018 September 6)
[core] Mesh Lights support. This is implemented with an additional Emission property of CentiLeo material. Supports arbitrary (even out-of-core) geometry shapes for the light sources.
[core] Adaptive Multi Lights 10 times faster rendering for glossy reflection surfaces. Also bugfixed many issues in this area.
[core] Bump mapping code totally changed (it also changes the look and scale of bump on older scenes). It has higher quality now and better combination with Normal Maps. Normal Maps now have all these flip R/G/B options.
[core] Fixed some problems with liquids inside glass in some modes.
[core] Extended CentiLeo Noise shaders with more noise types like Voronoi, Ronk, Ridged Multi-Fractal, etc.
[core] Faster bitmap cache generator (2x faster).
[core] Added real distance units for CentiLeo materials and light sources where it makes sense (e.g. displacement height, SSS scale, dirt shader max distance and etc.).
[core] Light sources may change the brightness on the surfaces for old scenes due to the distance units integration and some other calibration. Need to adapt for it.
[cntlc4d] Added support for Cinema 4D R20.

Known issues to be solved
- May not initialize if AMD GPU is in your computer together with NVIDIA GPU.
- Very limited scene converter tool from Cinema 4D native materials (only diffuse color and texture are converted and translated if assigned to the object)
- May not support non-latin texture paths.

Important note
We are currently using JUCE library ( for IPR GUI under Personal license (which is free) for initial testing purpose. In IPR window it will show in the right bottom corner a splash screen for the first start and it dissapears in few sec. It may also connect to Google Analytics to collect end-user stats. Juce guys claim this is nothing bad but stats collection so they know who is using them. However, the plugin works perfectly without any Internet connection.
If everything works well on main technical side then we will buy the full license of JUCE and get rid of these small issues.
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