• CentiLeo Renderer 0.61

    Fast and easy to use GPU path tracer 
    For 3ds Max and Cinema 4D


CentiLeo is an offline GPU renderer with very fast unbiased path tracing for complex lighting. It supports huge scene assets with GPU-accelerated out-of-core technology that effectively renders the polygon counts, particles and textures that may not fit entirely to GPU memory. This feature extends GPU memory limits for geometry/particles by 4x and for texture memory limits by 100x. 

CentiLeo supports Interactive Preview Render, node-based material & shader editing, displacement mapping, motion blur, subsurface scattering, fast noise reduction for  multi-materials, glass objects and mesh lights. 

Learn more CentiLeo features for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D tightly integrated plugins.

CentiLeo is supported by Skolkovo Foundation, some of software R&D results were supported by Skolkovo grants.

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Apr 8  CentiLeo 0.612 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D
Improved IPR responsiveness, improved speed, Camera Film offset / Tilt, bugfixes, support for 3ds Max 2022  See more
#3dsmax #c4d #release
Apr 1  High performance out-of-core geometry path tracing demo
Demo with high performance interactive out-of-core path tracing in a very complex 250M polygon scene 3.4x larger than VRAM geometry cache.  See more
#out-of-core #demo
Mar 27  CentiLeo 0.61 for 3ds Max 2014-2021
Up to 10 UVW Map Channels, also vertex painting Vertex Color, Illum and Alpha channels support per mesh. Bugfixes.  See more
#3dsmax #release #attributes
Mar 25  CentiLeo 0.61 for Cinema 4D R16-R23
Up to 10 UVW, 10 Vertex Color and 10 Vertex Map support per mesh. Shader nodes with easy access to MoGraph data. Several important bugfixes.  See more
#c4d #release #mograph #attributes
Feb 11  CentiLeo 0.602 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D
Bugfixes: very bad fireflies introduced as bug in recent release 0.60 for scenes with glass and regular lights, preview of triplanar and other procedural shaders, 3ds Max CentiLeo material GUI freezes when applied to many objects.  See more
#3dsmax #c4d #release
Feb 4  CentiLeo 0.601 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D
Bugfixes for not working bitmap displacement in final render mode, not working emission material for procedural shaders.  See more
#3dsmax #c4d #release
Dec 28  CentiLeo 0.60 for 3ds Max 2014-2021
4x faster out-of-core polygon objects rendering. Massive out-of-core particles/instances support. TyFlow direct support. And there are some other improvements & fixes.  See more
#3dsmax #release #speedup #out-of-core #particles