CentiLeo is a very fast unbiased, scalable and easy to use 3D renderer with complete GPU acceleration and without GPU memory limitations for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. This is true geometry and textures GPU out-of-core technology. This is possible thanks to efficient use of CPU RAM and PCI Express with all the computations processed by GPU.

CentiLeo Renderer features include very fast Interactive Preview Render with real-time material and geometry updates, efficient out-of-core tech for geometry and textures, light group AOVs with real-time changes, motion blur, subsurface scattering, powerfull displacement mapping, mesh lights, efficient support for many lights. CentiLeo has flexible materials, shaders and texture nodes. The goal is to cover all the possible rendering features.    

Latest Releases

CentiLeo 0.590 for Cinema 4D R16-R21. February 24, 2020. 
Node-based material/shaders GUI is supported for Cinema 4D R21.115+    

Please see Download & Discussion and change logs on forum. The list of features overview is available here

CentiLeo 0.586 for 3ds Max 2014-2020. January 30, 2020. 
Rendering speedup 2x to up to 10x same as in C4D plugin. Added 10 more map/shader nodes and the other shaders are improved. Added mesh light support. 

Please see Download & Discussion, change logs on forum (registration required).         

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